Tuesday, 16 February 2016


It was lovely to receive a comment on this blog from one of our readers. Hearing that we were in the prayers of those back home was quite uplifting.

If you are reading this and you know someone on the trip, do leave a comment for the group.


Anonymous said...

We're so pleased to read that you're having jam-packed and brilliant time! Love to all. The party is in our prayers. Much love especially to my Mama Bear (Carol Frost xx) Lots of Love, Emma and Lucy xx

Shirley Mather said...

I found your Tuesday blog very distressing and puzzling. Why would an Israeli soldier shoot a 12 year old girl for no reason? What was the reason - do we know that? There is always two sides to every story. There must be some good Israelis - same as there are some bad Palestinians. Why do they let these things go on? It is all very puzzling and I obviously need to talk to some more of the group when they return. I expect you are all full of sights, sounds, smells etc. so it will take a while to sort everything out.