Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How you can #VotePalestine this General Election

On the 8th June voters have the power to choose who represents them in parliament. This is our chance to convince candidates to support Palestine. We want all candidates to be aware of how much support exists for campaign for justice and equality for the Palestinian people.
It is up to you – the voters – to contact the candidates in your area, and ensure that your future MP will be taking action for Palestine once elected.

The UK by issuing the Balfour declaration laid the foundations for the Nakba in 1948. It has a special responsibility to pressure Israel to uphold international law and human rights conventions to secure a just peace and security for all the people of the region.
Since 1967 Israel has held the West Bank under an oppressive military occupation and annexed Palestinian East Jerusalem. It has built over 200 settlement colonies in these areas housing over 500,000 Israeli colonisers. Israel has imposed a near total blockade on the Gaza Strip, turning it into the biggest prison on earth where conditions are desperate. All of these acts are illegal under international law and have been condemned by the international community.
With the general election on the 8th June, now is the time for us all to insist that our future MPs stand up for human rights.

What you can do
Please take a minute and contact the candidates standing for the general election in your constituency, to ask them their views on Palestine.
Click here to contact each candidate in your constituency!
Make sure to send us the responses to campaigns@palestinecampaign.org – and we will publicise these before election day.
You can find the questions for candidates and background information here.
Tools for Voters
Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing the answers we receive from each candidate on the PSC website to help you make an informed choice about which candidate will stand up for Palestinian human rights.
Check back on the website under the #VotePalestine tab for the candidate responses, a social media toolkit, the latest polls on British public attitudes to Palestine, and each political party’s view on Palestine and commitments to bringing about a just peace.

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