Friday, 17 October 2014

News from the Balfour Project

The Balfour Project's next event will be: Britain in Palestine 1917-1948: Understanding the Present Conflict will be held in St John’s, Oxford on October 30th at 7.45pm and is being organised jointly with OxPeace. The Discussion panel is confirmed as: Prof. Avi Shlaim FBA, Dr Andy Gosler, Dr Mary Embleton, Sir Vincent Fean KCVO, and Rabbi Danny Rich; chaired by Revd Dr Liz Carmichael MBE.

The Balfour project has added a number of posts to their website in recent months. The most recent is an extract from a new book soon to be published:Joseph Jeffries and the Palestine deception. The author William Mathew will be talking at SOAS on October 28th

Another recent post is by Professor Mary Grey who spoke in Northumberland recently on: Perfidious Albion: Britain's broken promises: the Balfour Declaration (1917) and its impact on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict: what are our responsibilities today?

The Balfour project has also started a new menu item of the most read articles which will be updated monthly.

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