Friday, 3 April 2015

Israeli Court rejects the Cremisan Valley West Bank Barrier

Source: BBC
During my two month stay in Bethlehem last year, I made several visits to the beautiful Cremisan Valley. There I learned about the plans to extend the 8 metre high concrete barrier through this valley, cutting Palestinians off from their land and dividing a monastery and convent. I joined the weekly open air service to pray for the valley the people that live here.

I went to two services, organised by the Catholic Church. I explained that I was not a catholic and was told "Everyone is welcome here. We are all together in opposing the separation wall. " 
Today Yolande Knell, the excellent BBC correspondent for this area, reports on the decision of the Israeli Court to reject the application from the Israeli Security Forces to build this wall "on security grounds". Never was there a more ridiculous claim to cover a blatant land grab. 

I am delighted with the decision and rejoice with the people of the Cremisan Valley today. 

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